Swim like a Mermaid x Twine & Twig

::Top 3::

Throwing together a few stunning styles today:

First, who doesn't want to Swim like a Mermaid? You can in this amazing off the shoulder suit...

I wish I could buy it in all the prints it's offered in!

I also wear it as a top with some overalls so hey, thats function ;) Kenna-03713

Second, Brixton kills it with this simple hat. Lets give them another round of applause for affordable and cute straw hats. Coming soon online..Kenna-03634 Kenna-03761Lastly, this necklace is unreal. Twig and Twine offer one of a kind, handcrafted pieces.

The two sisters behind this brand bring naturally sourced materials from regions throughout the world!

How RAD is that?!

As a human who has a passion for traveling and seeing new places, I have so much love for companies with the same outlook :) Natural & Organic is the way to go. Kenna-03875


Series shot by Russel Spencer aka Juan

xo Lady Tomboy