Turquoise, Denim & Silver

FEELIN BLUE. mba_number21_017

Every since my grandma sported rocks all over her fingers and neck - I was mesmerized. And not the shiny, polished diamond kind. The rough, natural solids that don't need polish to stand out.

So yes, I have a love for Turquoise the most but have quite a few other rocks in my collection as well. White, black and red and pink coral. It will continue to grow as I grow older. I get pieces from different places I travel and they remind me of the memories I have made.

Turquoise is my also my favorite color and it goes with a lot of my clothes.

One of my favorite combos: Denim and Turquoise.  And in this case, Overalls!

This look is inspired by my grandma and my inspiration of simple, tomboy denim.

Lady Turquoise and Tomboy Overalls. There is always room for both sides of my personality in my outfits :)

ALSO. On top of this COMBO. I love to add in SILVER. It goes well with colder colors. & I am just a cold soul ;)

Check out these amazing silver pieces I am wearing below! Click on the designer and it will link you to their site.

***Coin Necklace & Leaf bangle on my right arm from: CHILD OF WILD

***Snake Arm band on my left arm from: NATALIE B JEWELRY

[Both of these brands are Local and I love to support small companies]

***Overalls from URBAN OUTFITTERS

<><> Series shot by: Arman Thanvir <><>




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