McKenna Waitley

Nani Lani life

McKenna Waitley
Nani Lani life

Through the town and off to the shoes no problem...


sporting NANI LANI leggings because they're colorful, good quality and from the best city in the USA, San Diego ;) 


the Maui print is beautiful and always a reminder and motivation of a far away island that you'll one day get to see...


to me, traveling is priceless. I've traveled to many countries, some completely alone not knowing anyone there. There's something thrilling about being somewhere you know nothing about and remembering what it truly feels like to be out of place, out of your comfort zone and seeing something for the first time again. Nothing is more blissful than feeling like a kid again, and you can! We grow so comfortable in our home towns and in our routines; we don't even realize we become unconscious in the conscious. I highly recommend getting away once a year if not more. Soak in another culture, talk to a stranger and hear their story, learn how different worlds can be and I guarantee you'll come back a more grateful, understanding and inspired person. 

Ive traveled to Australia and El Salvador alone. 

I've lived in Athens, Australia, and Capetown South Africa for 3-4 months.

I've seen Brazil and played soccer there. 

I've gone to Chile, Portugal, Canada and Puerto Rico for work.

I've also bounced through Italy, Germany, Austria, Turkey and Amsterdam.  

Still so much to see 😭🤩 


there's a lot of active brands out there, making it hard to choose. Follow your gut and pick something that inspires you because at the end of it all, its not what you look like it's what you DO here and how you lived. And if certain things inspire you to do good or be better - then that's the one 💘 


not to mention these babies are only $70. A lot cheaper than some bigger brands. Again, local designers killin the game 🙌🏽


check out the rest of their prints here:


So fun and colorful 😍 


Loved this little stage we found 🧡💙💚 just had to run around it 🤭


All shot by Preston Riggs in Sayulita Mexico.