A day in the life of Syd.

A day in the life of Syd.

I got my new camera out and was messing around with this stylish creature. It was fun to shoot a mini story of Syd in her element and a day in her life and style. She is a spunky little beauty full of smiles, dance moves and good vibes.

She's an artist, a Netflix ambassador, that girl born with a 6 pack.

She's an animal lover, usually found beside a puppy giggling about some joke she made (yep, laughs at her self all day) Its quite funny to watch and you find yourself unable to hold back your smile any longer!

She doesn't realize how unique she is and fun she is to be around, or even how stylish and beautiful she has become as she grows into a young lady- so I wanted to capture that in the most natural way :)



Two of her favorite items: Vans & Skinny jeans. She's a skater girl, what can she say...My favorite part about her outfit was her amazing turquoise gems. From necklaces to rings and even some rad wrap bracelets! Best part: Affordable & hand made.

Check out this amazing line here: Lily Girl Jewelry  and follower her on instagram: lilygirljewelry

I can't wait to show you more of this talented San Diego brand in future posts this next week.

I'm sure Syd will find herself in many posts to come. Follow her new photos/style/skater shiz/art ---> @syd.style on instagram.



-Lady Tomboy