Slow Mornings.

I use to be so hard on myself if I wasn't getting up early. It's true - I don't have a normal job. There are a lot of mornings where I have no big reason to get up early and get after it. However, I really have come to realize that if your mind wants to dwell and think, let IT. Have a slow morning and ponder and write down thoughts. Not every morning needs to start out hectic and running around to feel productive. I know most people don't have this option too often, but it's available when you make time for it. And I do believe it's important.

A slow morning - with no pants - might be just what you need to reboot.

For me, with all the traveling I have been doing, it feels so good to be still.

Maybe you are distracted by all your business that you forgot why you're doing what you do? You forgot to call that person you love. You didn't even think about it - because you are so... b u s y...

Try it. Time doesn't wait for you :)

// Shot by Jordan Lutes //


Lady Tomboy