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Funky Monday

FashionMcKenna Waitley
Funky Monday

Woke up today in a wave of 75 degree heat. Not surprising, here for winter in Southern California but I wish it could stay cool and I could put to use a couple cute jackets I bought!

Well not today, not today.

Inspiration: Creative explosion.

Here's a fun styled outfit that I see as Funky & Spunky. A staple for me, as I have mentioned before, is always having a CRAZY piece in your mix of fabrics for the day ;) This outfit: These shorts. The color & print are not for the faint of heart.

Usually not a fan of Pink and Black together but this is my exception.

Not all outfits have to be completely practical either. Mixing funky pieces are quite fun. Express your creativity and don't feel like you have to only follow the "trends" in current magazines.

Lets go through the details:

Top: Velvet, Shoulder cut outs via

Bottoms: Pink tribal print -

Large Pebble Stone necklace

Variety of bangles and rings

Retro, reflective sunglasses


**Selling this top/bottom on my poshmark store:

Download the App Postmark and search LadyTomboy!

Will be up soon :) Check it out.

I hope I inspire the little creator in you :)

Shot by: Tom Foley in Venice Beach