Rainy Loft Vibes

Rainy Loft Vibes

Here is a Loft series created with Jordan Lutes. It was a rainy day in downtown Los Angeles.

I really cherish these unique days in California.

Cozy Sweaters, sliding on the wood floor in socks, relaxing music and the sound of rain. You really need to sit alone and listen to your own thoughts sometimes. Where does your mind go when you aren't hustling around and staying busy?

Because that's surely where your heart is :) Your heart is young still, it stays that way. It's only your mind that tries to tell you can't dream and imagine like you use to as a kid.

Enjoying the space you're in.  Taking in the present. Just a few things I suggest when going through a confusing or hard time. Sit still for a sec and see what happens.

Styled Studio Loft by Jade McDaniel.