Tokyo Stripes

It's gloomy. It's cozy. It's a day in. It's time for my favorite pair to come out to play: Beanie & Socks. Not just any socks, Over the Knee socks. I've actually been sporting this sock style back to high school. Not sure if it grew from a habit from playing soccer, and protecting my knees from slide tackles, but it stuck.

It's chilly out but I don't want to wear pants; so I will wear shorts and high socks. Much more freeing and a lot more fun! And if you're staying in all day with a cup of joe - well hey, you don't even need the shorts ;)


Put weird things together and just roll with it, thats my motto...

_02_5267 _02_5270

Beanie Behavior: Good for rainy days and dirty hair days.

Pop of Color: Give some life to your outfit.

Stripes: Add pattern to break up the color block, no one wants to look like a clump of legos.







Beanie// American Apparel // Socks// UO// Top// Brandy Melville

=== Loft Series pt 2 shot by Jordan Lutes ===