T Back Tribe

I am a part of this Tribe. Tis' the T-BACK comfort that works for me. A lot of sports bras are designed with the T Back style, but not as many tops are. I hate when the shoulder straps of tank tops fall down or don't fit right. When I am doing a lot of up and down exercises, this tends to happen to me! This style helps me focus more on my workouts and less on my straps! I have a few favorites from Nike, one pictured below :) I think a pop of neon is fun as well. JAY_SULLIVAN_PHOTOGRAPHER_mg_9311 Fitness X Style. Aint a crime to look good & feel good while pushing your body to the next level. JAY_SULLIVAN_PHOTOGRAPHER_mg_9406 Exercise Ideas: These may sound a tad random - but this is actually how I work out if I don't have access to a gym due to traveling or last minute time slots. It works for me and it may work for you. Sprint up a street block. (I do this 10 times) The last few running on my toes to focus on my calves. On a mat or towel: Burpees. Front & side plank holds. On the side planks, do leg lifts. Thread the Needle planks. Wall sits. Sit up against a wall as if in an imaginary chair. Hold it until your legs feel like jelly. Front, back and side lunges. I also have a few strange exercises that I do that have to be shown by video. Not easy to explain. Next fitness post will be a VIDEO :) Exercises, even as small as above, may seem lame but the more often you do them, the more you can do, the longer you can hold and the stronger you become. You FEEL the difference and its a great feeling. And heck, you probably look better too ;)   JAY_SULLIVAN_PHOTOGRAPHER_mg_9355   JAY_SULLIVAN_PHOTOGRAPHER_mg_9340   Wearing// Top: Nike - Dick's Sporting Goods. Shorts: Lulu Lemon Photographer: Jay Sullivan