Toned Tuesdays at the Farmers Market

Toned Tuesdays at the Farmers Market

Working out is not the only way to stay toned and the gym is not the only place to be. We all know eating healthy makes you feel healthy but does it really make you look healthy? YES. With consistency and self control - you will be able to have more say in the appearance of your skin, mood and overall body fat. It doesn't just happen over night though and that, I believe, is the main reason people have a hard time seeing results. It takes TIME, it takes PATIENCE and it takes a lot of good change - and those habits are not easy to break!

People ask me very often how I stay so thin but fully toned. "Do you just not eat?" "You must work out everyday.." "You must have good genes!"

...These questions really got me thinking - well, gosh, I should probably know these answers. So I've sat down, written out what I do and since my workouts are truly all over the map, I really looked back into where it all began.

Coming from a life filled with sports, specifically soccer and insane amounts of cardio, I definitely have an interesting angle. I was a bit of a toothpick and was always working my butt off to try and be the strongest and the fastest on my team. However, looking back - until I started getting into modeling a few years ago- I never worked out or ate food to LOOK a certain way. I did everything in order to PERFORM to the best of my ability!

Those are truly two different mindsets. Now, I don't need to run a 5 minute mile and I don't need to squat intense weights so I can stand strong when a big girl booty bumps me from the ball.

Nowadays I have BOTH mindsets. I work out to stay fit, feel good, look good, and have energy AND I also eat healthy for all those same reasons. This combo lets me have a bit more freedom than a restricted diet. I love food.

***Put yourself in an environment where you don't have a choice but to splurge on healthy items, AKA Farmers Markets***

Dont get my wrong - you will see me eat sweets and I do indulge at times which I think is a healthy thing every week but in general, I find it important to stay true to Fruits, Veggies, Grains and Proteins...especially in the mornings.

My Four Farmers Market Faves:

- Strawberries - have more Vitamin C per serving than oranges = smoother, more hydrated skin.

- Mangos - alkalize the body, fight cancer and help digestion = on the way to losing weight.

- Asparagus - high in fiber and enhances ability to transport glucose from blood stream to cells / anti aging.

- Walnuts - great snack in between meals due to antioxidants, good for weight loss and your brain!

The hardest part about going to Farmers Markets - is I never know when they are as I am always all over the map.

Problem Solved: Check out LOVE MY FARMER app in the app store. Type in your zip code and boom - a whole map filled with times and locations. Its amazing. And you can get to know your farmers. :)

Focus on the healthy foods, especially for snacks and especially for breakfast. Fitness is not the only way to stay toned - you must fuel your body with the BEST energy and vitamins!

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-Lady Tomboy