Salty Love - A Surf Story.

Salty Love - A Surf Story.

So there was this girl... IMG_2795

Who enjoyed a good wave...

Who one day was interrupted by a guy..


And had to learn to share... IMG_2853

IMG_2754But they made it work...IMG_2902 IMG_2736

It actually became more fun...and it was more fun together...IMG_2827

And he was easy on the eyes...IMG_2941

It was unexpected and it was as powerful as the waves..IMG_2742

Love bonded by the ocean - is quite salty and quite good. The end.


Surf Series shot by Jordan Lutes featuring Martin Kuhlmann

Creative Direction set in Malibu

Wearing: Roxy / Quiksilver

Board: shaped by Donald Takayama who passed in 2012.

Here is a cool backstory of him!