Skater Girl Sunday

I've noticed I have a bit of a Skater girl style ..

Although - I am not a consistent boarder -because falling onto cement seems a lot more painful than falling into water or snow..

I am inspired to make it more of a hobby! I am pretty inspired by my new Mickey Mouse socks by yes!

Vans have always been a classic go to when it comes to sneakers.

I find them to be a bit more cozier than Converse, What do you think?

They have a vintage feel and nowadays, they come in just about every color as well as funky patterns. For a pretty decent price too. Also - check out their fun socks - they keep you young.

Not gonna lie, when I have a chance to dress like a tomboy - I will take it :)

Cozy tee and some denim cutoffs are my key.

Denim doesn't always have to be blue either, mix it up!


Shorts//Thrift Store Vintage Wrangler Cutoffs

Shoes// Vans high tops

Mickey Mouse Socks// Vans

Shades// Zero UV

Series shot in Venice, CA

by Vicente Tabora

Happy Sunday xo

-Lady Tomboy