Boys and Arrows in South Africa

Boys and Arrows in South Africa

When packing for a foreign country - there can be a bit of stress when deciding what to bring. However, I knew right away that 2 of my staple items were coming along...

Spending my winter, which was South Africa's summer was epic. The more summers the better...

Living out of a couple of suitcases became a blessing. I got to really cherish a few items and the saying "quality over quantity" couldn't have been more true.

Cape Town - South Africa was so much different than I imagined. It was like a jam packed, quaint city filled with friendly people, cute cafe's and beachy vibes. But in just a twenty minute drive... you are blown away by miles of vineyards, insane mountain terrain, and endless curvy coasts of blue ocean! It's an outdoor dream.

This particular beach known as Muizenberg is on the Indian Ocean side and is dotted with cute colorful old beach houses. Tiny ones. Not used anymore :) So it was quite fun to have them around!

Boys and Arrows has been a long time favorite for me. And I am so glad that I had a piece of them with me on my trip.

Not only is their brand adorable but the girls behind the company are what make it so special. They are two down to earth sisters who are quirky, hardworking and just a blast to be around! Always laughing and always passionate. I really think those qualities shine right through their brand. I am so glad I got to know these girls a couple years ago. Every piece has character and the patterns they pick are just rad.

They only use to have swimwear but now they have branched out with some great, beachy clothing pieces. These OVERALLS are the best. Except when you have to go to the bathroom...that's the only time they aren't as cool haha.

Long, very long in length... breezy and cozy material. They fit just right and we all know that isn't easy to come by.

Even better, they are STILL available in some sizes. Which is a miracle!

Get them here: BOYS and ARROWS

Another great part about this brand - is they have multiple types of items (dress, suit, cover up etc) in EACH cute print - so you have options!

Check out the rest of their boho swim wear - while you're at it.

I like to pair my white, light colored outfits with a loud color - whether it's your accessories or shoes or in this case....HAT!

As JANESSA LEONE does make pricier hats in the $100-$200 dollar range. They are my favorite! They don't smoosh and they fit perfect. I have thrown away way too many $25 dollar hats. Plus, I don't mind supporting local, hand made artists.

So that about does it for my two favorite items that endured my South Africa journey with me. These simple items truly made my trip a good one.


Lady Tomboy

Series shot by Anton Robert || Cape Town, SA