Monday Blues Style Guide

Monday Blues Style Guide

\\ Casual Monday Wear //

3 essentials: Comfy, fun leggings + jean jacket + chucks.



Transitioning from work to gym, or running errands - this outfit combo is both comfortable, affordable and looks a helluva lot better than baggy sweats ;)

I like to pick one CRAZY part of my outfit, in this case the leggings, and throw it with all basics (jean jacket and chucks).

On this Monday...I choose........ pink snake skin, totally wild and a fun reason to get through my Monday Blues :)Here I am wearing // Prism pants - love their amazing thin spandex - its not too tight and you're legs can breathe! It looks great outside the gym too.

Other suggestions for fun prints: Target & American Eagle! Look at these bad boys!

Only $19.95 too! :)

Mix up your Monday Blues with some fun leggings. & add in a leather backpack/bag to accessorize. :)

-Lady T