Lily Girl Lovin'


Well, Hello Monday. Hope you all had a relaxing weekend - or a real sun bather - sheesh it was hot in California!

Today's post is a Jewelry brand that I am quite fond of for many reasons.

1. San Diego Made. 2. Affordable 3. Hand-made 4. Boho-chic 5. The designer is the sweetest...and her line is named after her pup!The best part about jewelry, for me, is the layering. You can mix and match different necklaces and rings to really spice up that same outfit you have worn 3 times this week. ;)

On the other hand - some of her pieces look stunning, alone and don't need no body else ;) This necklace is one of my favorites - it's unique and perfect for a simple blouse and jeans.

Dress it up or......dress it down, like below.......

To be honest, I am not a huge earrings lover. I am just picky and tend to stay loyal to my necklaces and rings. However...these hoops right here - have a simplicity to them that will make them your favorite pair! Even better -------- they come in silver, gold and rose gold (my personal FAV) !


Give her site a peek -----> LILY GIRL JEWELRY - Lori is a super talented designer and I can't wait to see her journey of jewels.

Hope you all have a great Monday - I know I will - Thanks to Lily girl. xo