Water that Melon.

One of my favorite days - so far this summer - was enjoying some fresh cut melon along the shores of Malibu.

It may sound a little cliche but we all know it's true, it's the little things in life that count and we remember.

Here's my idea of a relaxing sunset snack after a fun day at the beach..

Not only are watermelon a healthy snack - but they are basically water - so it's great to hydrate if you spend as much time in the sun as I do! You also get a lot more bang for your buck with their size. Chop em' up and put them in Tupperware - this cold, sweet snack will last you the week!

On a STYLE note....It's still Summer - and it's still a great day to get into some B SWIM wear. I own three different pieces from them - so no fake advertising here ; )

This onesie known as the "Boss Macramie" will undoubtedly turn you into a bossy beach babe.

See, clearly bossy.

And if you play with your food, you might just attract another watermelon lover.

So, Rule 1. Always Play with your food. 2. Wear BSWIM

So - that's it for the watermelon series. Get your hands on this fun print: REGATTA

It comes in many shapes and sizes.

And call it a day!

Link again: B SWIM

///Direction: Lady Tomboy///

<>Model: Martin Kuhlmann - IT models<>

*Makeup/hair: Michelle V Beauty*

[[[Photography: Jordan Lutes]]]